Custom Cabinetry

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Over 35 Years of Experience in Custom Cabinetry and Millwork

Whether you’re a Contractor looking for custom millwork for your project, or a homeowner finishing your kitchen with new, beautiful cabinets, Troico can get the job done. Everything is created from scratch using modern technology and a little bit of old-fashioned hand-crafted artistry.  Not only can each client come see our beautiful showroom showcasing the highest quality millwork and cabinetry – each client can also walk into the back and see where everything is built, right here in our Coquitlam shop.

We are one of the few shops in Greater Vancouver that can build not only Modern European boxes, but also beautiful Face Frame cabinetry. Choose from either inset doors, like the old Bespoke kitchens that are commonplace in Europe, or overlay doors – either way, it’s beautiful furniture. All of our doors are built right here at our Coquitlam shop, so you will never hear that a style of door is no longer available or out of stock. We provide everything from design, to manufacturing, to installation with integrity and quality.

To view the Troico Collection of Custom Cabinets please download our Complete Millwork Booklet. (PDF)


Inset Face frame

Overlay Face Frame