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Mid-Town Series – European Box (Frameless)

European cabinetry is constructed so the cabinet doors and drawer fronts overlay the box completely. This is a modern way of building cabinets, hence it has earned a reputation for being a more being simple, sleek and contemporary choice. European cabinetry comprises 90% of all our ordered cabinetry.

The Europeans perfected the “box” or unitized construction methods to a point where the frameless cabinet, often called the Euro style kitchen. European design features such as the hidden hinge, adjustable shelves, bottom mounted drawer glides are now an important part of the North American cabinet making industry.

Frameless cabinets do not have a face frame so the edges are covered with edge tape. There are many edge tapes available that will match any sheet material you wish to use. Melamine and veneer tapes, with heat sensitive glue are among the many options to choose from.

Troico offers 3 types of European / Frameless Construction Boxes

Ocean Series

European box with a solid face valence

Mid-Town Series

European box with a two piece valence (double taped edge)

Mountain Series

European box with a two piece valence (double taped edge) and a laminate door to be both durable and cost effective