Overlay Face Frame

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Provincial Series – Overlay Face Frame

Troico is known as Vancouver’s premiere overlay face frame cabinetry manufacturer. Overlay face frame cabinetry is constructed so the frames of the cabinets are still solid wood and fully finished, however the doors are sit on the outside of the frame of the cabinet, instead of on the inside like our Boulevard Series / Inset Face Frame cabinetry.

Overlay face frame cabinet construction gives a full view of the cabinet frame with the frames fully finished to match the doors. This type of cabinet construction offers clients a finished furniture look, especially around appliances where you will notice thickener end gables and full 1 ¼ frames versus 5/8 or ¾ frames – which is standard for European box construction. Overlay face frame also allows us to integrate end panels and use furniture kicks if desired. Each door is hand made in our facility and hand fitted to ensure the highest level of joinery and craftsmanship. These cabinets are built to last.

dark brown classic kitchen renovation

Overlay Face Frame Comes with Many Kick Options

The base of the cabinet is called the “kick” we can build a typical recessed kick or furniture kick to promote the overall aesthetic of inset face frame cabinetry. If building with a furniture kick, then adding detailed scroll work can provide a more traditional look if desired.

Kitchen Overlay Face Frame
Kitchen Overlay Face Frame cabinetry with self trimmed sink