Zoom Room Bed

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Zoom Room Wall Bed

We sourced this product out of the USA and imported it ourselves; we now sell this as part of a special feature upgrade. We are the exclusive dealer of this product within Canada, nothing of its kind is on the market. Unlike the classic wall bed, this bed retracts from the wall so as not to disturb the decorative design of the room. Your television does not need to be taken down, your decorations do not need to be taken down; everything stays put. It is an extremely simple and convenient way to host family and friends. The simple press of a button on a remote control and the bed starts retracting out of the wall. It is powered electronically and the bed comes in every size: single, twin, double, queen, and king with a very comfortable mattress sure to please every guest. We design the custom cabinetry around the bed to match your style and home.

Due to space being such a premium in The Lower Mainland, it is the perfect solution for limited space creating dual-purpose rooms. This bed provides great storage and functionality. The room that we created doubles as an office and guest room. This special feature was custom designed for our clients and has everything that they required. For the office, this unit has decorative shelving, a cork board, a flip down desk, a flip down side table concealing an electrical outlet, and a broom closet. As a guest room, along with having a comfortable clean sleep space, our designer went the extra mile and made sure that any guest would have what they needed by installing an electrical outlet in the flip down top which doubles as a night stand where the guest can plug in a lamp or their cellular phone to charge at night.