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Environmental Considerations & Sustainability

Troico is committed to preserving our environment for future generations and making our homes healthy for our families. That is why Troico uses only CARB 1 & 2 compliant materials in the manufacturing of our products.

In addition to healthy products Troico recently overhauled its entire finishing department, using only water based paints. This ensures there are no harmful VOCs or off gassing on any of our products. VOCs are responsible for strong odors noticeable in freshly painted goods. Solvents are released into the air as paint dries. (Other products emit solvents, including adhesives, cleaning supplies, and even some home furnishings.) VOCs can cause acute symptoms, including headaches and dizziness; Long term exposure to VOCs are suspected or known to cause cancer in humans.

Troico believes in responsible manufacturing, we do this by reducing our footprint, cutting waste, reducing energy use and conserving resources. From wood chips to computer chips, up to 90% of the waste produced in our manufacturing process is reused or recycled, avoiding landfills.

CARB Phase 1 and Phase 2 are a part of California’s Composite Wood Products Regulation (CWP Regulation). The regulation has to do with reducing formaldehyde emissions from composite wood products, hardwood plywood, particleboard and medium density fiberboard (MDF).