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10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Planning For a Renovation

August 15, 2021

Are you excited about the next renovation of your house? Hold on! There’s so much you need to know before you actually take out the money from your pocket and start investing.

Homeowners want to get the best out of the renovation process. But, sometimes, home remodeling does turn out to be bad and decreases the overall selling value of your house — Unless you have a clear vision with a solid execution plan.


In this article, I’ll share some critical questions to ask yourself before planning for a home renovation.


#1 – What’s the Weather?

Is it sunny outside all the time? Consider investing in resources that make your house comfortable during hot weather.

Colours and shades affect the average room temperature of a house. Furthermore, studies show that the lighting used in a house also affects humans’ productivity.

Make sure you’re using the right colour combinations, lighting, and shades perfectly suitable for the weather. Confused about how to judge it? Get a professional interior designer to help to make a better decision.



#2 – Where Will You Stay Durning the Renovation?

It sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s important to decide about the place to stay before moving out of your house.

Where will you be staying? How much time will you stay? What accessories do you need during the stay? — be prepared for everything.


#3 – Do You Have Pets?

If you have pets, don’t use materials that get scratched or damaged easily. Discuss with your contractor about the pets you own and develop the best possible colour and materials fusion for small or big pets.

Similarly, if you have small children in your house, the floor’s material should be durable enough to stand against stains and spills.


#4 – How Much Are You Willing to Spend?

Let’s come to the question that we often don’t like to talk about. Despite being ignored, it’s still one of the fundamental questions to ask yourself before renovating your house — What’s your budget?

Be clear about all the costs related to the remodeling of your house. Ask your contractor questions until you understand the budget structure.

Make sure to include taxation and consultancy fees in your overall budget — It’s important.


#5 – Do You Have An Extra Budget For Unplanned Outcomes?

What if the renovation doesn’t go as planned? Despite laying over a perfect renovation plan, you might feel that there’s a missing puzzle piece left in the picture.

For example, once your kitchen is remodeled, you might think that your dinner set isn’t matching with the installed cabinetry. At that time, you won’t have any option except to buy a new one.


#6 – What Are Your Design Preferences?

sophisticated minimal living room spacePM

Don’t hold back your likings during a renovation process. It’s your ultimate chance to make your house just the way you want it to be.

  • Do you like traditional rooms? Say it!
  • Want a modern living area for the family? Say it!
  • Need a Black-themed kitchen? Say it!

Share your preferences with the interior designer until you both agree to a successful renovation plan.


#7 – Should Your House Have Repairs Before Renovation?

Don’t over excitedly jump on to renovation without eliminating the underlying shortcomings of your house’s structure. It can cost you significantly in the long run.

Is your cabinets’ wood good enough? Can fiberboards be applied to those cabinets, or should they be replaced completely? Discuss your concerns with a valid interior designer in your locality.


#8 – What Colours Do You Like?

Colours can make or break your house’s renovation design. With careful colour combinations, you can create beautiful themes for the rooms.

Some people like cool colours while others love to stare on the dark walls — Which one are you?


#9 – How Much Storage Do You Need?

When considering storage options, don’t just count the stuff you already have but also make a checklist about what stuff you plan to bring in. It will help to sort out storage requirements during renovation.

There can be some household items that you may want to get rid of.

Adding storage options after the remodeling would be extremely difficult and pricey.


#10 – Are You Capable of Renovating Your House Yourself?

Unfortunately, in most cases, you’re not.

You have to be good at more than one skill for renovating your house completely yourself; drilling, painting, hammering, and plumbing are just one of them.

Don’t testify your skills on your own house if you haven’t renovated a house before.


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