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10 Ways to Freshen Up Your Kitchen Space

June 28, 2021

Earlier we’ve covered 8 unique kitchen trends that are commonly adopted in the modern days. But it’s definitely not all! When it comes to styling and materials you can use for kitchen improvement or renovation, there are a lot more options than eight.


If you can’t quite make up your mind on how to redesign your kitchen space, be sure to read out and get ready to be inspired by some of the following ideas. In this article, let’s dive into other long-lasting trends that are also beloved by many designers and homeowners.


Thinking of freshening up your kitchen? No Problem!


#1 – Concealing with Bright-Coloured Tiles

kitchen space concealing with bright coloured tiles

As a matter of fact, high-shine painted glass and bright kitchen tiles are also extremely popular materials to use when decorating a space. You can choose to go with a full or partial cover to create contrast among appliances and other parts of the space. Don’t be afraid to play with colour, it will add a dose of personality to the room and make it uniquely yours!


#2 – A Complete Oak Wood Adaptation

Beautiful quality wood can stand the test of time. Oakwoods are habitually used when building out kitchen cabinets as they are naturally hard and heavy materials that are strong and durable. Aside from that, it also provides a variety of brown tones from light to dark and highly visible grain patterns for all types of simple or complex designs.


#3 – Dark Gray Custom Cabinets

There’s something about the very mysterious dark grey that just works for modern kitchens. In fact, there are more and more homeowners choosing this rather than the default all-white or brown cabinet styles. To avoid associating dark grey with modesty or dullness, try working a plan out with professional interior designers to mix and match different types of patterns and colours!


#4 – All White Elegance

Don’t like mix-and-matching? Well, the classic all-white kitchen is still the ultimate default choice for many as it gives off a clean and elegant vibe. Keeping the outlook of your kitchen bright and crisp is a way to give a beautiful illusion of luminosity and space. After all, they are anything but boring!


#5 – Circular Pendant Lights

While remaining fashionably popular, pendant lights come in various shapes and sizes. If you already have sufficient lighting from the room, whether it is natural light or add-ons, consider choosing pendants that give a softer flow for decorative purposes. Oppositely, if you are looking to create a brighter effect, then it might be useful to look out for task lights that target a specific area so you can see clearly while working.


#6 – Decorative Stripe Tiles

Kitchen tiles are surely a way to showcase your creativity. Whether you are looking to brighten up the room or add a more individualized touch, linear stripe tiles can serve as a separator to break up the white walls or enhance the cabinets. If you’re somebody who loves to switch things around, there are also stick and peel options for a more flexible upgrade.


#7 – Creative Ceiling

If you are looking for ways to spice up a flat drywall ceiling, consider applying a creative spin to instantly change up the mood of your room. While white ceilings are classic and safe, you can also apply a wooden touch or colour paint to shift the focus away from anything eye-level. Detailed and decorative, creative ceilings can add dimensions and some serious character to a plain room.


#8 – Open Ceiling

more windows or planning for an open ceiling design. Having natural light in a home is always better than overusing artificial light. Trust me, it will also help save up electrical bills along the way – small things add up! If you have a windowless room, try using lighter colours while designing the space as it helps reflect the natural light source around the room to create a dazzling effect.


#9 – Adding Details to Your Wooden Cabinets

If you don’t want to settle with a default set of storage cabinets, consider working with professional cabinet makers to customize the units. You can either incorporate special patterns to the cabinet surface or replace the piece with transparent glass if you are looking to display a distinctive collection of utensils!


#10 – Transparent Displays

Speaking of distinctive collection, there are also ways to focus and showcase your exclusive taste on wine around the house! See-through displays place a heavier focus on identifying the items themselves rather than the overall outlook of the space. If you are owning collections of any sort, a transparent display or shelf will certainly serve the purpose of signifying the valuables.


Now that’s definitely some ideas to think through before moving forward with your own kitchen renovation project! If you are looking to work with a professional production team and interior designers in Vancouver Canada, be sure to reach out and consult with us here !