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11 Ways to Save Money On New Kitchen

April 30, 2022

If renovating your kitchen is at the top of your to-do list, then rest assured you’re not alone! Kitchen renovations are one of the most common changes people make to their home to spice things up!

However, if you’re on a budget, kitchen renovations can be quite challenging. After all, it’s no secret that the big, flashy renovations you see on TV or in magazines cost a ton of money to do. Marble, fancy woods, or appliances can really hurt your wallet.


But living on a budget shouldn’t disqualify you from renovating your kitchen. In fact, the best way to save money on your kitchen renovation is to save money on little things. Here, we’ll give you some tips on how you can renovate your kitchen without breaking the bank.


Let’s begin!


Ways to Save Money On New Kitchen

Choose Pantry Cabinets


Although pull-out cabinets offer a clean look to your house by keeping things hidden, they can be heavy on the pockets. Instead, try pantry cabinets that offer a simple and inexpensive alternative for storing your kitchen supplies.


Pantry cabinets are handy, especially for storing non-perishables such as spices and food. You can also display your beautiful pieces of crockery to any guests through these cabinets. With the right selection of kitchenware, pantry cabinets can make for a transformative kitchen renovation.


Try Open Shelves


Adding on to the “open” look of pantry cabinets, try open shelves as well!

Though they require some maintenance, open shelves still save you money in the long run. By saving up to 700 dollars, you can put that money to good use on another renovation around the house.


Again, open shelves work great with a good selection of kitchenware. Use the open look to your advantage, and use it to display your finest crockery.


Choose a Pocket-Friendly Door

ChooseaPocket FriendlyDoor

Doors often vary in price, so don’t be afraid to compare them.

We recommend slab door fronts since they always take the cake! Aside from them being pocket friendly, they also match well with a modern kitchen aesthetic. Without spending too much money, you’ll impress guests with a clean kitchen look.


Go for Economical Wood


Choosing the right wood makes a huge difference on your budget. If you’re looking to save some money, we have two recommendations for you.


Firstly, MDF panels are an excellent choice. Not only are they affordable, but you can also get someone to paint them at any time. If they aren’t giving you the look you want, you can always customize them to match your look.


Red Oak is also a great option. Also affordable, Red Okay (despite its name) also varies in colour. Most of them match best with red or yellow tones.


Avoid Spice Cabinets


Having a spice cabinet can be tempting, but it’s rarely a necessity when it comes to kitchen renovations. They can also cost a bunch, denting your pockets quite a bit.


If you must have one, we’d recommend against buying a new one. Instead, you can DIY your own using labelled jars and racks!


Go Easy on The Paints!


There are a few different ways to customize your cabinets’ colours. It’s entirely up to you if you want to stain or paint your cabinets.


Either way, avoid glazing them. Glazing your cabinets might look good for the aesthetics but is more costly.


Doors Before Drawers

It might not be obvious from the get-go, but opting for doors instead of drawers can save you a lot of money.

On average, adding a door instead of a drawer can save you 100 bucks per replacement!


So when you’re planning that renovation and you want to save yourself some cash, switch those drawers out for doors instead.


Avoid Glass Doors


Glass doors are clean and look cool, but are they really worth it? If you’re trying to save money, then the answer is no.

Up front, you might not notice the difference in price. However, glass doors are notorious for collecting dust and require constant cleaning. All this maintenance amounts to additional money, which increases the overall costs. Save yourself some money and work by avoiding glass doors.


Avoid the Rollouts as Well

There’s a common misconception that rollout trays are cheaper than bank drawers. In fact, rollouts often cost more to implement than normal drawers. Just adding five rollouts can offset your overall budget.


Cabinet Handles


Cabinet handles can cost you a lot, but you don’t need to spend that much on them. There are excellent cabinet handles out there that’ll cost around $10. And they look just as clean and neat as the fancy ones.


Avoid Soft Close Drawers

Soft-close drawers are tempting, but they’re certainly an unnecessary luxury. Adding soft-close drawers to your kitchen can cost you upwards of a few hundred dollars. That money could be saved on making other renovations that’ll make your kitchen much better.


The Bottom Line

Buying kitchen items, especially on a budget, can be daunting. At Troico , we provide our customers with the best possible options for their kitchen cabinets within their budget.

Whether it’s the type of wood or the ideal number of drawers, we can help you decide. We make sure that the aesthetic of your kitchen is not compromised, and we’ll provide the best services within your budget. Contact us today !