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4 Tips to Make A Small Room Feel Bigger

February 11, 2020

Unless you were overseeing the construction & development of your house, there’s a good chance that you didn’t get to choose the size of the rooms in your home. This is a major reason why home upgrade & renovation companies are top-rated; homeowners want to fulfill the vision that they have for their home, and often, it requires large scale renovations. If you’re a homeowner and you want to make the smaller rooms in your house appear larger than they are, here are four things you might want to consider doing:

Declutter / Invest in Hidden Storage Spaces

Clutter has the capability of making a small room appear even smaller, and that’s not an ideal scenario for homeowners. To reduce clutter, you’ll need to find places to put loose items, whether they be books, clothing, television remote controls or even dog toys. We suggest investing in multiple baskets, cubby hole shelves or end tables with doors where you can place items that are not being used. Be sure to look through your clutter and come to a determination of what you need to prevent your storage spaces from overflowing with waste.
Invest in Ceiling to Floor Curtains
Curtains can make your small room appear larger, especially if you invest in ceiling-to-floor curtains. ceiling-to-floor curtains span from the top of your room to the surface of your floor, and they instantly make your room appear taller than it is. The best thing about these curtains is that many high-quality variations are cost-effective. When choosing a curtain for your small room, be sure to pick either a very light or very dark colour as medium shades can prevent you from achieving that ‘large room’ feel.
Hang Mirrors on Your Walls
“Mirrors, mirrors on the wall, can you make my room feel tall?” Yes, they can! Mirrors are an excellent solution for a homeowner looking to make their smaller rooms feel a little bit grander. For the walls in your room that don’t receive any natural light, hang a mirror to help you space out the room. Essentially, the natural light that does enter your room will bounce around due to the mirrors lighting up darker areas – this will trigger the illusion that your room is more spacious than it is.
Use Multiple Lamps to Spread Light Around Evenly
Many small rooms utilize an overhead light to spread illumination. Unfortunately, doing this can darken certain parts of the room, making it appear smaller. Setting up multiple lamps around your room and using them all at once will disperse the light more evenly, making your small room appear larger.
There are multiple things you can do to make your smaller rooms appear larger; for more information, contact Troico today!