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5 Home Renovation Ideas to Improve Value Instantly

January 31, 2022

There are so many aspects to consider when it comes to home renovation and home remodelling ideas! From planning out the budget, confirming the details, and finalizing the timeline, the list is never-ending.

One thing is certain: the investment in your home renovation enhances the property value. Keep reading for renovation ideas that improve your property’s value – instantly!

1. Makeover with a New Coat of Paint

Applying a new coat of paint goes a long way.

If your house has walls that are damaged, has blotches on them, or the paint is fading away, get your walls repainted. In addition to increasing the value of your house, getting your walls repainted makes your house decor look more fresh and less likely to get ruined.

Painting your bedroom walls with neutral colours creates more friendly living spaces, which buyers love. The room will instantly look fresh, neat, and maybe even bigger.

2. Kitchen Remodeling and Renovation

Kitchen Remodeling

Remodeling your kitchen is a famous method of raising the value of a property in the market. The kitchen is an essential part of a house, where families spend most of their day. Renovation ideas include: the replacement of kitchen cabinets, hardware fixtures and faucets. Installing new focal point features in the kitchen that make things easier to maneuver, saving energy costs with energy-efficient options, and going for granite countertops. And don’t forget a backsplash makeover!

Additionally, changing your kitchen flooring goes a long way.

According to estimates, a kitchen upgrade increases the resale value of your house by $18,927. 80% of home buyers have prioritized the kitchen as one of the most important places brought under consideration when they are buying a house. Whether it is a major or a minor kitchen remodeling, the value of your property is set to increase!

3. Upgrade your Windows

It’s important to have natural sunlight. A window replacement plays a huge role in keeping your house both cool and warm depending on the season. The temperature produced by your HVAC system is likely to stay inside the room with high quality windows.

Good quality windows also help noise cancellation, making your property more desirable. Window options include Low-E glass, Vinyl Frames, Double/Triple Pane Glass, and whatnot.

4. Don’t forget the Garage!

The same garage doors tend to work for years and years until you deliberately replace them. Garage door replacement should be at the top of your renovation list if your house is older. If your property is older, the garage door is likely to be rusty and faded. Not only does a garage door job make your house look more appealing, but it will also instantly raise the value of your property.

Spending on a garage door is not cheap, but it’s a great investment. It will improve the functionality of your house, making it more secure. Besides upgrading the garage door, you can also improve the storage capacity of your garage. This can be done by investing in garage storage cabinets and garage slat wall storage.

Make sure the garage is slip-proof. This can be done with the help of adding gritty material to the floor. A proper garage upgrade increases the curb appeal and investor demand.


5. Upgrade your Deck

Modern Day Eclectic Kitchen Design

Who doesn’t love to spend some time outside in nature?

Investing in building a deck is valuable for the future. You might be able to set up a barbecue area or maybe even a gazebo. Creating family-friendly spaces will make it easier for potential buyers to envision themselves living in your property.


It’s best to leave the renovation process to the experts – that’s where Troico comes in.

With our exceptional team and practical ideas, choosing us may be the best choice you ever make for your home renovation!