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5 Ideas For Your Next Home Remodelling

February 28, 2022

A home says a lot about its owner or its tenant. When you move into a new home, you set it up according to your own style. You set the furniture a certain way, your choice of colour says something about your personality, and your home’s overall design mirrors its designer: you.

Maybe you’ve just moved into a new home and want to give it touch of personal style. Or, you want to spice things up in your current place because it just doesn’t feel you enough. Either way, no matter the size or complexity of your renovation, here are our top 5 tips on a basic but effective home remodelling!


Plan and Budget Beforehand

Plan and Budget Beforehand

Before you set out on a plan to upgrade and improve your home, create a detailed plan. So many renovations fail because they neglect this simple but essential step at the start.


Planning and budgeting gives you a clear idea on what to prioritize. Maybe you’ll realize that you don’t really need a huge makeover, and instead you just want to tweak a few details here and there. In fact, minor changes are often more effective than large-scale renovations.


Also, keep a budget in mind and stick to it. If this is your first time planning a home renovation, get an expert’s advice because first-time renovations often go over budget. In fact, Troico guarantees that the prices up front are the exact amounts you’ll be charged, so you can get a professional remodeling without worrying about the budget.


Small Things Matter

As mentioned before, home improvement doesn’t always mean getting a glamorous, gaudy makeover (even if it’s really fun to think about). Even minor tweaks, some of which can be done on your own, can make your house more vibrant, fresh, and accommodating. Starting with the little things can make a huge difference, and they’re often enough to satisfy your desire for a fresh home.

Additionally, small tweaks won’t hurt your wallet! You’ll get a new-and-improved home design for a very reasonable price.


Relocate Furniture

If the wallpaper, lighting, and structure of the room was a stage backdrop then furniture would be the actors and actresses. They are the centrepiece of a room, and they make or break the room’s whole mood.

Relocating furniture is an excellent way to improve the look of your house. Our best suggestion for furniture relocation is experiment and have fun! Move them around, and if you feel the need, you can add or even remove pieces of furniture as you see fit. And again, it’s possible to make these changes with little or even no cost to your budget.


Paint Your Home

Paint Your Home

A home is no home without paints and colours. They impart character to the naked walls. It’s practically impossible to imagine a home without any colours on the walls (well, it is but that would be a pretty boring house).


Paint choices speak volumes of the taste and personality of the owner. You don’t just add colour to the walls; you add a piece of your own unique style to your home.

When looking for inspiration, try and find examples in open spaces so you’ll see what the design looks like around the entire room. Experiment with different patterns and colours, because you never know what you might find appealing.


Finally, follow your heart! Because colouring your home is an extension of your personality, go with what feels right for you.



Not a big fan of paints? Try using wallpapers instead! Wallpapers are a great and effective way of remodeling your home without needing to paint it.

Wallpapers have intricate designs and beautiful patterns, and they add character to your walls just like paint does. Similar to paints, experiment with different patterns, search for inspiration, and follow your heart!


Improve Ventilation and Lighting

Improve Ventilation and Lighting

Ventilation and lighting play a huge role in setting the mood of a home. And, not only is it important for your home’s design, ventilation and lighting are also essential for your health as well.


Free flow of air ensures that stale air does not remain indoors. Stale air breeds humidity, mold, and a foul smell.

Similarly, a dimly lit house seems dull and depressing. Even if you get the right paint job or wallpaper, the colours won’t stand out properly in a poorly lit room.


To improve ventilation and lighting, get larger windows for your rooms. These will let more fresh air into your home, and they’ll let in plenty of natural light. We suggest getting sliding glass windows! They’re both trendy and incredibly effective at improving ventilation and lighting.


Install Solar Panels

Install Solar Panels

Sustainable and green energy is beneficial for the planet, and it can be beneficial for your home as well.


Installing solar panels guarantees a backup power supply in cases of emergency. And from a stylistic standpoint, they add a modern look to your home.


Plant a Tree or Seasonal Flowers

Plant a Tree or Seasonal Flowers

Speaking of going green, let’s talk about plants!

Plants provide the room with fresh oxygen, which achieves a similar effect to improving ventilation. And from an aesthetic standpoint, they can really make a room pop depending on your colour scheme or design choices.

Indoor plants are also very trendy as of late and are an excellent way to add some extra flavour to your home. Whether it’s succulents or flowers, you’re bound to find some green friends for your home.


Magnetic Net Door

A magnetic net door is a great, functional renovation to add to your home. You’ll thank us in the summer! Magnetic net doors are made of fine fiber mesh. It allows air to flow through but blocks insects and pollutants.

They’re super easy to set up. You can fix a magnetic net door with nails over your front or back door. Magnetic hooks in the middle keep the two sides together. You can open it up very easily.


The Takeaway

A few, small changes to a home can make a big difference. Whether it’s painting the walls or adding new windows or even buying some plants, you can transform your home with simple, DIY steps.

Of course, if you’re still looking to do more, the complex makeovers will require professional help. Luckily, we’ve got the right people to help you build your dream home’s look!

Contact Troico , the industry leader in home improvement, to tweak the setting, colours, and theme of your home to give it a phenomenal remodel!