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7 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning for a Bathroom Renovation

August 31, 2021

If you’re planning for a bathroom renovation, you don’t want to make any regretful decision in the process! There’s so much more included in the bathroom renovation plan than just fitting taps and tiles.

In this article, we will point out the most common mistakes by home owners while remodeling their bathrooms — So that you don’t repeat them.

Let’s get started!


Not Making a Clear Renovation Plan

Contact a considerate contractor who can listen to the details about your needs, budget, aesthetic preferences, and approximate measurements. Things could possibly proceed in unexpected directions without a specific plan.


Not Creating a Layout

Identify what end result you want to achieve with this renovation plan. What should be the colour scheme? What materials should be used? What would be the completion time?

Imagine selecting tiles not matching the overall style with the bathroom — It will already be too late to fix the situation if they are installed.


Selecting Big Fixtures

minimal bright bathroom design

A colossal bathtub can be annoying for a very small freestanding space bathroom.

It’s better to buy a few inches smaller fixtures to avoid congestion later in the bathroom. Let yourself enjoy the shower with a better foot space.


Selecting Too Small Fixtures For the Bathroom

Similarly, selecting smaller fixtures for your bathroom than you actually need can cause you long term problems. These details could be overlooked.


Neglecting the Ventilation System

Most homeowners overlook the installation of a ventilation fan in the bathroom remodeling. Due to baths and showers, the bathroom’s environment is often humid and moist. This moisture remains confined in the bathroom unless there is a proper ventilation system in place.

If there is no measure taken against the moisture, it will create an environment for molds and mildews, which is, of course, impacts your health!

Without a ventilation fan, your bathroom’s ceiling will start bubbling in a few months – Make sure to keep an eye out for this one!


Placing Exterior Window At a Wrong Location

We all love our privacy, right? We can’t afford to compromise it, especially in the bathrooms. It should go without saying, but exterior windows can pose some dangers to your privacy, especially if they are installed near a busy area.


Shrubs or trees are unreliable to protect the view as they shed in autumn and may get cut down by the relevant authorities for any reason. Instead of relying on their leaves, consider placing your exterior window in a better spot.


Improper Lighting

Maybe the lighting isn’t important during the bath, but the bathtub and shower aren’t the only fixtures in your bathroom. Consider standing in front of your vanity mirror without sufficient lighting. Your mirror will be of no use without a great lighting system.

In addition to that, make sure that any fixture doesn’t cast shadows on your face when you’re in front of the mirror. The placement of all the lights has to be ideal to make that happen.


Ignoring Natural Light

Another mistake homeowners make is that they ignore natural light during renovation — The most soothing and energy-saving source to brighten your bathroom.

If you’re too concerned about the window privacy, try placing the windows a little higher from the ground and let the sunshine lighten the whole space.


Selecting Bad Materials

Sometimes, people prefer cheap materials to put less stress on their budget. But, they end up spending more after a few months, unfortunately, just because materials failed to sustain in the long run.

Since bathrooms aren’t at room temperature all the time, materials may develop stress with time. High moisture levels and sudden temperature changes also contribute to failing those materials.

High-quality wood and paints should be used to make your renovation plan succeed.


Leaving No Room for Storage

Towels, soaps, moisturizers, shampoos — There are so many more things that you would need in your bathroom.

You might be busy investing in the aesthetics of your bathroom and may neglect the storage needs. Just like any other space in the residential building, bathrooms need sufficient storage for medical supplies and toiletries.

You might also try recessing the storage cabinets into the wall if the bathroom space seems small.


Get a Perfect Renovation Plan For Your Bathroom

Get your bathroom designed by a multi-award-winning renovator. Troico will make sure that you don’t go wrong with your bathroom remodeling plan.