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7 Smart Storage Tips to Organize a Messy Kitchen

May 31, 2021

Regardless of the sizing of your home, spacing always seems to become a bit of scarcity for some by end of the year when new items and appliances stack up the empty corners. If you are lacking in storage spaces, then it might be the right time to rethink and trick out on how you can implement space-saving solutions to build smarter cabinets, drawers or island spaces among the house. With the right strategies, it will be extremely easy to turn overlooked spaces into your personalized storage heaven.


Making the Most of a Smaller Kitchen

A modern, spacious kitchen has always been a popular request for house-hunters. After all, having a generous working space in the kitchen of our dreams is always ideal. However, it is just not outright possible for some homeowners due to budget or spacing constraints. Fortunately, there are plenty of creative ways to sneak in hidden storage to maximize spaces.


Add Adjustable Appliance Divider

How do you usually keep an organized space? For starters, installing adjustable appliance dividers or cabinet organizers can become handy when you are looking for efficient ways to improve your kitchen organization. Keeping each item in its space will allow you to know exactly where to find them next. They are extremely convenient to maximize narrow spacing and keep all appliances and essentials accessible in one place.


Don’t forget about the under-sink space

Most bulky cleaning supplies are usually hidden under plain sight to maintain a certain aesthetic look and feel around the open space. When it comes to finding the perfect spot for them, most homeowners resort to storing cleaning supplies around the under-sink space. As most cleaning items are non-stackable, we can make the most of the space by increasing surface area or installing baskets or storage bins.


OWN a pull-out pantry

Pull-out pantries are often described as a mix between a drawer and shelf. They are a wonderful use of narrow cabinet or corner spaces especially when you possess many long and tall bottles, jars or cans of condiments, spices or oils. You will find most pull-out pantries typically have slightly raised sides which ensure the stability of smaller items where they won’t easily roll off the shelves. But that’s not just it! These slide-in and out cabinets can also be used to store pots and pans, keep cleaning supplies, or even act as a charging station for electronic devices.


Install hooks to hang your cups and mugs

There’s never really just one mug sitting around the house. Sometimes we were gifted a bunch or ended up buying a whole collection of mugs as we travel or shop around town. Though some of these are absolutely essential for your morning coffee, they take up extra shelf place and don’t stack very well in the cupboards. Building open shelves around the kitchen is one solution to go, but for anyone who doesn’t want to drill holes on their walls, installing hooks under or in between shelves or cabinets to hang mugs by their handles will also maximize your use of space and take care of the problem!


Stack up and convert a closed space

Perhaps you’ve got rooms in the house where they are not quite big enough to be converted into an individual workspace. We can take advantage of closed or corner spaces to stack and build a walk-in pantry. The additional space provided by walk-in pantries also makes them much easier to organize a large variety of foods or kitchen items. By keeping everything noticeable in one central area, a well-designed walk-in pantry usually provides the functionality that will prevent a chaotic mess from happening in a smaller kitchen space. It will require you to plan ahead and section different parts of the cabinets off at an early stage, but it is well worth it as you will get the most value out of that space.


Decorate empty walls with open shelves

If you have excessive blank wall space around the kitchen, then you might want to consider installing open shelves for storage or decorative purposes. Open shelves and wire racks provide additional storage spaces while keeping mugs, glasses, spices, plates and more within just an arm’s reach. If you are looking to create a stronger visual effect for decorative purposes, maybe consider building a darker wooden shelf. Opposite to that, if you are looking for a more subtle look then you should consider installing lighter racks or something that will match up your wall colour.


Build-in Everything

If you are looking for conveniences, then perhaps you will consider building everything in one concentrated space. Having your oven, microwave, water dispenser and coffee machine built naturally in the kitchen space is practical for many who are working with a more limited spacing. Best thing of all? It will also give it a far less bulky appearance!


Want more tips?

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