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8 Unique Kitchen Trends You’ll Absolutely Fall in Love With.

April 26, 2021

When it comes to home improvement and renovation, there are limitless options and combinations with which you can experiment with. Sometimes, perhaps way too many decisions to make if you are looking to find the perfect style for a new kitchen. Or perhaps you are looking to upgrade and freshen up the outlook of your home during the pandemic season.

Regardless of the reasons, you may find the process of picking the right kitchen cabinet and kitchen design to be intensely overwhelming. With numerous combinations of colours and materials to choose from, some may wonder where they should begin.

That is precisely why the Troico team wants to break this seemingly complicated process down for you today! We are here to walk you through some trending kitchen and cabinet options so you too, can gain a better understanding of the types of designs available and apply it to your next renovation project!


Popular Kitchen Cabinet Styles to Look Out For


Colour Customization

If the use of colour will genuinely brighten up your day, we’d suggest adding a hint of bright colour when designing the outlook of your kitchen . Mixing and matching the colour palette can most definitely showcase your lively personality in a home setting.


Dark Coloured Cabinets

If bright colour is not your jam, consider picking a deeper tone for a sense of comfort and calmness for the eyes.


Smart Storage Cabinets

Regardless of the size of your kitchen, it is always smart to come up with creative ways in organizing a room. After all, every inch of counter space is prime real estate. We tend to overlook the small gaps and cracks in between shelves. This is why it becomes important to work with an experienced team of craftsmen and designers to bring smart ideas to life . Integrated or hidden appliances are also one of the latest trends taking over kitchen design because of how practical they are. It places a heavy focus on functionality and forces us to rethink better ways of organizing our spaces.


Frameless European Cabinets

Frameless cabinet style is an exceptionally popular European way of manufacturing cabinets, where they also happen to be one of Troico’s specialties. It offers a sleeker, modern look that North American homeowners grow to love over the decades.


Open Shelving

While open shelving is not a look that works for everyone, the concept brings freshness to the open space. Having a combination of open shelving and closed cabinets can be a fun idea for you to showcase those cute kitchen gadgets and gorgeous silverware items you’ve claimed over the years. Making this a perfect idea for the collectors out there!


Trending Kitchen Styles We All Love

Clean Aesthetic

If you are looking to shape your spaces in a more minimalistic style, try combining different shades of gray with wooden cabinets to create a cleaner aesthetic. Adding dark-coloured door handles on a light-toned cabinet also creates a contrasting effect and gradually shifts the focus of the room to these darker pieces.


Marble Kitchen Countertops

Even though countless materials can be used in building a kitchen countertop, marble remains to be a popular choice for many because they are durable to resist scratch and heat. It also adds an elegant touch to the surrounding environment.


Creative Lighting

The types of lighting also play a huge factor in determining the overall aesthetic of your kitchen . If the room doesn’t get enough natural sunlight around the day, the source of lighting will instantly become important to decide on while designing your kitchen space. The choices are limitless: pendant lights, chandeliers, ceiling light fixtures, smart cabinet lights etc.

Now we’ve definitely given you some choices to think about for your next home improvement project, but if you have any questions regarding the work that we do at Troico, don’t heitate to reach out to our crew today !