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Bathroom Renovation: The Do and Don’ts

October 31, 2021

Halloween is approaching, we are all on the search for the perfect home decor! Holidays have big influence on how we revamp spaces. Of course, the same goes for bathroom renovation.

According to Angie’s List , the average bathroom renovation costs between $9,600 and $11,000. Bathroom remodeling can be a stressful task, but if you apply our easy designer-approved tips, your bathroom renovation can be both hassle-free and seamless.

When planning a bathroom renovation, consider a budget, a plan, and a timeframe. Read on for a more comprehensive list to both consider and avoid before renovating your bathroom!


Do: Find Inspiration First

Every good home remodeling project must begin with a strategy. Before undertaking the physical parts of the project, such as breaking up flooring, have a clear vision of your finished results.

Mix and match pieces from various styles until you find a design you like.


Don’t: Forget to Estimate Your Budget

dont forget to estimate your budget

Once you’ve decided on your concept, the next step is to budget for renovation. Reviewing finances will let you choose which parts of a renovation are most affordable and suit your needs.


There are several steps to determine costs:

  • Ask to get quotations from multiple companies.
  • Consider completing some of the small repairs yourself to save on labor costs.
  • Search for wholesale businesses that will allow you to purchase the items at a discount.


Do: Choose the Best Surfaces

Surfaces for the bathroom renovation should add beauty, but also be able to withstand moisture.

According to Build Direct , porcelain tile is popular among bathroom designers for flooring and walls, and sinks since it resists discoloration, germs, and odors. Choose wider tiles to reduce grout lines and enable upkeep simpler.


Do: Follow all Regional Building Laws

If your bathroom renovation is a DIY process, you might be tempted to avoid the often-expensive permissions and inspections. This could lead to some pricey mishaps on the road. For example, defective wiring that leads to a fire or leaking plumbing leaking by your ceiling. Typically, your contractor can handle all permissions and inspections.


Don’t: Be Too Distraught By Trends

Focus on the long term while organizing your bathroom renovation. You might be eager to add a modern mirror, illumination, or tile, trends change through time, and trendy design choices might be soon outdated.

When updating your bathroom, base the design choices on items that are timeless.


Do: Add Necessary Storage

do add necessary storage

It’s easy to be compelled to sacrifice storage space to accommodate a more oversized walk-in shower, or a wider vanity, but you may come to regret that mistake later.

Determine where you’ll keep bathroom basics, linens, and first-aid supplies while preparing your bathroom redesign.


Don’t: Skimp on the Vanity

dont skip on vanity

Another area that makes a significant impression is the bathroom vanity. On-trend features include twin sinks, huge mirrors, and plenty of storage.

If applicable, choose one with a luxurious top to give aesthetic emphasis. Modify the design of your existing vanity if necessary. Giving it a fresh coat of paint is a reasonably simple DIY project that will transform the area’s appearance. Replacing the drawer pulls or purchase a new topper to update the bathroom’s look.


Do: Add the Features You Want

You’ve worked hard to save enough for this remodel – don’t give up on the things you desire merely to save a few dollars! This is your chance to finally establish a place where you can feel comfortable and serene daily.


Don’t: Clutter the Bathroom

dont clutter bathroom

The bathroom only has so much functional space. Organize your bathroom’s decor to make the most of the available space without feeling stuffy.



Whether your bathroom renovation is small or large, it’s critical to examine the above dos and don’ts so you can enjoy your beautiful bathroom for years.


Pick up the phone and arrange an appointment with Troico to get started on your bathroom renovation this Halloween season!