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How Interior Paint Colours Affect Mood

April 6, 2020
The best part about being home renovation and interior design experts is getting an inside look at the unique design choices that homeowners make. For homeowners that decide to make changes to their interior colour scheme, we highly recommend that they do their research. Different colours can invoke different feelings and moods and alter the atmosphere of a home. Here are four commonly used colours that can invoke unique emotions.

1. Green:
Green is seen around the world as a colour of nature, and it carries with it undertones of health, happiness, and restfulness. Green presents homeowners with a sense of calmness; home interior designers like to use shades of green because it’s been known to reduce feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression. Green is an ideal colour for study rooms, foyers, and adult bedrooms.
2. Blue
Blue is a versatile colour and can be used in virtually any room throughout a home. Blue presents homeowners with endless options to choose from – sky blue, baby blue, and bachelor blue are just a few of the hundreds of shades available. Blue accentuates a sense of coolness and is soft on the eyes. Depending on the shade of blue, it can induce a feeling of serenity and tranquility. Interior designers often recommend Blue for use in bathrooms, baby rooms, and kitchens.
3. Red
Red is an intense colour, and it heightens the energy of a room. For this reason, utilizing shades of red is great for rooms that encourage excitement and conversation like kitchens, recreation rooms, and dining rooms. Softer reds like burgundy or maroon are also ideal for living rooms; avoid bright reds as they can overstimulate the senses.
4. Neutral Colours
Neutral colours give homeowners so much variety when it comes to mixing and matching furniture and decor. While neutral colours like black, white and beige may not excite the senses, they give homeowners a ton of flexibility when it comes to infusing their living space with unique colours.
Neutral colours perform excellently for homeowners looking to add depth to their rooms. Homeowners looking to add an accent wall to their bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or living room should consider using black, white and beige to disrupt single-colour patterns.
Tip for Painting Ceilings
The colour that a homeowner decides to use for their ceiling will affect the perceived size of their room. Ceilings that are painted a lighter colour than the walls will make a room feel taller. Ceilings that are painted a darker colour than the walls will make their ceiling appear lower, not in a claustrophobic sense, but a cozy and intimate sense.
Ultimately, the colour scheme that homeowners decide to go with is personal and private. We’re here to help anyone who is struggling to find their style and will offer them professional advice to ensure they make the right choice. For more information, contact Troico today!