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How to Avoid Costly Mistakes when Planning for a Kitchen Renovation?

June 14, 2021

DON’T DO THESE – If you are planning for a kitchen renovation.

Wanting to update your kitchen? Regardless of the sizing of your renovation project, be sure to avoid the following 10 mistakes early on so you can run with a much smoother process!


Overspending on Appliances before Cabinets

Believe it or not, a lot of people get overwhelmed with planning for a complicated renovation. As a de-stressing mechanism, they spend their leisure hours shopping around for their dream kitchen appliances without the forethought of choosing the right cabinets for space. This can be an abundantly expensive mistake to avoid from the beginning! If you are working with a contractor, be sure to send over detailed information and brief them about the measurements ahead of time so they can build the cabinet sets to accommodate your appliances.


Forget to plan for a pantry or storage

Some choose to leave utensils unpack in giant card boxes off their basement simply because there isn’t enough space available for things to go on shelves or cupboards. Organization can take days, weeks or even months to complete if you haven’t thought about how to properly clean up the space. There are hundreds of different cabinets, shelving systems or pantry options available. Make sure you consider the overall goals of your remodelling or renovation and see what will best fit your home. Great storage design will tailor the units to fit specific items according to plan. Have storage solutions mapped out for how you’d store dried and preserved foods or other supplies!


Forcing a Kitchen Island into the Space

Kitchen islands are incredible add-ons if you are working with a larger or more open area. You can most commonly find their presences at a U-shaped, one-wall or island kitchen layout. Having smaller children may also be a factor determining whether or not you want to install a fixed or flexible island top in the center of your kitchen space. If you are already working with a tighter area, a compacted kitchen island may cramp up all your moving spaces – making it harder to go through around the kitchen.


Cheap out on the flooring materials

With kitchens usually being a relatively busy and congested area, it is important to select anti-slip flooring materials that are tough and durable. Covering your flooring with thinner materials won’t provide you with long-term stability and you might end up having to replace the flooring altogether again sooner than you could have imagined. Waterproof tiles, hardwood, ceramic or vinyl are great choices for your flooring kitchen as it provides a large range of colour and styles. Most importantly, they will also last for a long period of time.


Overstuffing a Small Space

If you are working with a smaller space, don’t overstuff the area with large cabinets or islands. It may be beneficial to structure the space with a G or L-shaped kitchen layout. Maximize your space use by considering smart storage ideas around the house, under the sink or above your fridge. Leave a placeholder for everything, e.g., garbage, compose, cleaning supply, dry and wet food items, cans and jars etc. Rule of thumbs – Don’t overwhelm countertop spaces with small and clustered items!

Read on for more smart storage ideas here


Changing Up Your Mind After the Project Begins

Small changes on things such as the positioning of flexible cabinet units, the colouring of floor mat or handles colour are perfectly acceptable. However, making last-minute changes on major components, layout, or structure of your kitchen floorplan can easily send costs soaring. Always think through your choices or plan with a professional to see if there are workaround on the type of changes you want to implement. With major changes in line, you may be looking at an increase in production cost and a delay in project timeline. If there are set deadlines to when you’re supposed to move in or sell the place, then it will create fallback on the schedule.


Choosing furniture that doesn’t fit

From whether or not the colouring of your furniture fits the overall vibe of your kitchen, to the positioning or concrete sizing of things, there are lots to think about. Consider asking yourself the following questions before purchasing large furniture:


  • How tall is your island/cabinet countertop?
  • Do you have enough walk-around space for groups to move around without any furniture?
  • What type of bar tools are you looking to get? How tall will they be?
  • How much legroom will you need when seated?
  • Will a contrasting or complimentary colour set work better for the space?
  • What type of look and feel do I want the kitchen space to bring out?

Neglecting the look and feel

Taking functionalities into your major consideration? Great – and you should! However, it is also important to note the style, age or characteristic of your property before you decide on a set kitchen design. Will a complementary or contrasting colour look better for the space? Are you looking for a more modernized look or something a little classier? Perhaps you want to also implement elements of a minimalistic design to a confined space in your kitchen. As you can see, there are countless questions to ask yourself and your professional contractors/designers before a project begin. Should you ever feel like getting lost in the process, you can always rely on professional help along the way.


Not considering light sources

Obviously, light bulbs, smart sensor or LED lights can be installed in the remodelling process on surfaces. However, it is also important to think about how the positioning of your windows may also create an impact on your natural light sources. Some may consider this a critical factor as that will create an impact on how small or large of a budget needs to be spent on lighting and installation.


Not seeking professional help

Everyone can most certainly sit down and plot their own renovation or remodelling project, but it is extremely important to consult with a professional on details you might have overlooked otherwise. The best way to make sure plans go smoothly, is to maintain communication with the team on a regular basis to catch any problems as they surface and mutually agree on a detailed schedule of work before the project even starts.


Want to consult with the Troico team before you plan your renovation projects? Contact us today for more information!