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How To Choose the Right Style For Your Bathroom Vanity

September 30, 2021

While bathrooms are the smallest room in your home, they can leave a huge impact.

Bathrooms are the place to enjoy hot showers or a relaxing bath. While renovating or moving into a new house, bathrooms are often the most neglected when it comes to their layout and design.

Don’t be afraid to design your bathroom according to your needs and likes. The market offers a lot of branded products, especially for your bathroom vanity.

We’ve compiled some essential questions you need to know before designing. Don’t forget to infuse your own personalized style into the renovation!


What is the Perfect Layout for Your Bathroom Vanity?

The ideal layout comprises two steps: taking inspiration and then implementing it in actual practice.


1. Take Inspiration From Different Magazines

Home design magazines are a great resource for inspiration and understanding what will best suit your bathroom.

To see what it can look like in person, visit designer showrooms, fancy restaurants, or even your relative’s homes.

Take pictures of the elements you liked during the research and combine them to get the final image. This gives an idea of how you would want your bathroom vanity to be.


2. Implement Your Ideas

After deciding on all the elements you want to add to your bathroom vanity, consider the space you have and whether it will accommodate everything you want in terms of size (You can’t have it all!).

Select a layout that will perfectly set up the elements according to your total square footage.

The limited space will help you be selective – giving you a final impression of how your bathroom will look like.


How do you Choose from Different Bathroom Vanity Styles?

choosing between vanity styles

Considering the size of your bathroom, the state of vanity differs. They come in three main sizes: single, double, or floating bathroom vanities.


Single Vanities

Single vanities are ideal if you have a small space in your bathroom.


Although single vanities require space of about 24’’to 48’’, they can be as wide as 60’’.


They have a single basin model and are the most common type of vanities installed in the bathroom.


Double Vanities

If you have a larger space available, you may want to opt for double vanity models. Double vanities are ideal if you have a space larger than 60’’ available.


Also known as “his and hers sinks”, it has two sinks and is perfect for any bathroom that is being shared.


Floating Vanities

Floating vanities are the latest and most popular pick for customers looking for a modern design.


Floating vanities are mounted to the wall and provide space that you can clean around. Because of their size, they can be great picks for smaller bathrooms.


Additionally, they are complemented with closed or open cabinets. The open area under the wall-mounted vanity makes it easier for people on wheelchairs to access.


How do I Make Sure That the Vanity Complements my Bathroom?

While you may have chosen a well-fitting and attractive vanity, the next step is to complement it with your bathroom.


Here are some tips on how you can complement the vanity with other bathroom accessories:


Add Furniture

There are various designs for you to choose from within each category according to your installed bathroom vanity. After selecting one style, be specific with it for all the bathrooms in your house so the result may not look different.


Many reputable companies are working on furniture to match your creative imaginations, where they offer you to choose every specification, every little detail by yourself.


Experiment with Wall Coverings

Constructors should half-tilt the wall coverings for about a meter vertically with ceramic tiles to protect the bathroom walls. Excessive dampness and moisture from water splashes of the bath or vanity may damage them.


In the part of the bathroom where the full-length shower is fitted, you may want the tiling to extend till the ceiling.


In this way, not only will that area look good, but it will also save the wall plaster from the dampness of the shower.


After deciding which area of your bathroom needs tiling, you can select them from a wide variety of designs, sizes, and colours.


Brick-shaped tiles have been trendy among people. They come in various colours and sizes. So if you want to add a traditional touch to your bathroom, they can be a perfect pick for you.


For the square tiles, people prefer the large ones. Add personalized variations too in the tiling colour scheme to make it pop even more. Keep in mind that wallpapers as they can deteriorate under damp conditions. Instead, go for the specialized damp resistant paints for long-term maintenance of your bathroom colour.


Consider Cupboards and Mirrors

The bathroom cupboards are available in a variety of colours, sizes, and designs in the market.

You can get the size according to your storage of toiletries. In addition to that, you can also get the ones with a glass window that perfectly displays all your branded products, giving a luxurious look to your bathroom.

You can also get the cupboards with mirror doors, as it saves the space of mirrors if you have a small bathroom and single or floating vanities.


The Take-Home Point

Choosing the perfect style for your bathroom vanity can seem intimidating at first.

However, knowing what you like and dislike makes it easier to start customizing your own style. It’s impossible to reach perfection unless your bathroom is renovated by experienced, skilled contractors.

Why not get started by contacting an award-winning, fan-favorite bathroom renovators in town, Troico , right now! We’ll help you through the whole process and get you closer to your dream renovation.