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How to Make a Small Kitchen Look Bigger

May 31, 2022

No matter what kind of house you live in, no mater how big it is, kitchens can be designed in a variety of ways! From colours to playing with furniture, you can easily change your guests’ perception of your kitchen.

With these tricks, you’ll master some easy layout hacks that will make even the smallest kitchen feel spacious. Go from feeling cramped in your cooking area to feeling free.

And here’s how to do it!

Play with Colours

PlaywithColours 1920w

A fun and straightforward way to expand a kitchen is to change its colour!

If you’d prefer something more cheerful, a yellow kitchen creates a homey, warm atmosphere. Green is often used to represent the outdoors, as well as peace and tranquillity. Tones of light green and turquoise are ideal for bringing a splash of colour to a white kitchen. Add floral arrangements and small plants to give a subtle Spring touch to the overall design.

While minimalist designs and monochrome colour palettes can be good too, it’s always nice to add a touch of colour to your designs. With this, your kitchen will feel less boring and cramped; instead, it’ll feel vibrant and freeing. And it’ll certainly make an impression on your guests.

Add Patterns



Similar to the previous suggestion about colours, changing designs is another option for making a kitchen look bigger. Visual tricks are more powerful than you think.

Geometric patterns are a hot trend in both artworks and interior design. Adding them to your kitchen will help create a visual effect. Geometric patterns direct the viewer’s gaze either vertically or lengthwise to create the illusion of a higher, more spacious kitchen.

But remember, while patterns can be employed to add this optical illusion to a tiny kitchen, it’s best not to go overboard – this can result in a space that feels cluttered and chaotic. Use patterns in moderation.

Go White!


Okay, we know this kind of contradicts the colour option, but hear us out.

White kitchen concepts are always the best option for making a room appear larger and brighter because they are so easy to implement. It adds warmth and visual appeal to your kitchen design when you include a variety of countertops and other decorations in varied colours and textures (so you can still take our colour suggestion above!)

Also, white never goes out of style, despite the rise of boulder tones in the kitchen during the previous few years. It reflects light and can be customized in countless ways. If you don’t like the idea of renovating often, white kitchens will last you a long time.

The versatility of white allows it to work in a variety of settings, from the sleek and contemporary to the traditional and evocative. It has a fresh appearance and serves as a backdrop for the rest of the room’s decor.

This implies that you can add accent colours to liven up your kitchen’s colour design, or you can keep it simple if bright colours aren’t your thing.

Incorporate Neutral Tones



Neutral tones in the kitchen produce an elegant atmosphere. Unlike the all-white option, you don’t need to limit yourself to one colour; you can use two or three. It allows you to mix wood and stone with earthy tints.

Neutral kitchens are quite versatile. You can jazz it up by sprinkling in a few metallics or some accent colours.

Or, for a minimalist look, keep it as is and you’ll have a contemporary look for your kitchen.

Floor-to-ceiling cupboards should all have glass-doored display cabinets if you choose to go for a more evocative look. Using transparent cabinetry in a small kitchen will allow it to appear larger than it is.

Both on their own and in a two-tone palette, warm whites and rustic beige tones look lovely. Stunningly modest, they create genuinely lovely kitchens with no need for dramatic colour.

Streamline the Objects


You can create an illusion of space in a narrow kitchen by keeping the design simple and clean-cut. Make the room appear larger and brighter by using surfaces that reflect light into the room. This plays with depth perception and brightness, creating a more spacious look.

Try plain slab-fronted doors and smooth, handle-free profiles. Go for metallic tap handles, cabinet doors, and countertops with a gloss finish that reflects light. This will give off the illusion of it being a bigger space than it is.

Get Cool Shelves


Having open shelving in your kitchen creates a more open and larger look. You will immediately notice that there’s an impression of additional space after removing a few cabinet doors and standing back a step or two.

Play around with the shelves and see what you like best! There’s never a right answer to this question, so go crazy!


The Bottom Line

Try these tips and tricks if you want your kitchen to look more spacious! There are multiple ways to make your kitchen look bigger without large-scale renovations. Contact Troico right now to learn how we can help!