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How to Plan an Interior Home Renovation

November 15, 2021

Planning an interior renovation can be an overwhelming ride. It requires hard work, determination, and the right mindset.

We’ll help you prioritize where to start, getting inspired, and make the proper choices that consider both money and style.

Renovating a bedroom will be an investment of approximately $18,800 to $72,500, or $14.5 – $16 per square foot.

Keep reading to find out how to plan your next interior renovation by taking the proper steps and measures.


Estimate Your Budget

Having a clear estimated budget will allow you to assess your decisions.

Ideally, we suggest you forecast and create your budget for your interior home renovation at least 1 year in advance. There is a big possibility for hidden and unexpected costs to come up, and you want to be prepared!


Setting the Right Vision

setting right vision interior design

Without having a very clear vision of what you hope to achieve, the more challenging it will be to make decisions.

Are you aiming for a chic design aesthetic with a bit of a modern edge? What about a traditional barn-style décor aesthetic? What kind of features do you want in your renovated home? Examples of renovated features are guest bedrooms, an expansive living room, and a theater room.

Set a clear vision for yourself and refer back to it during the renovation process.


Choosing the Right Supplies

Quality is what matters at the end of the day. The quality of tiles and bricks used matter. High quality supplies have a long-term benefit, allowing the home to withstand various natural dangers.

Spend more time to research reliable, efficient, and premium quality supplies. The choice of surfaces will also be necessary.


Preparing for the Unexpected

Nothing in life goes according to plan — And that is also true for your home renovation! Plan, plan some more, and always have a backup plan.

For instance, the arrangement of supplies and surfaces should be made with multiple suppliers. If one cannot provide it in time, the other can be contacted immediately.

Additionally, it’s a great idea to have an emergency budget for unforeseen circumstances.


Multiple Contractors

multiple contractors home renovation

Carrying out interviews with a set of different contractors comes in handy! Each contractor requires different investments with different time frames.


Studying the Environment

The more time you spend within your house, the more you’ll make decisions that are good for the renovation. You’ll avoid the feeling of being overwhelmed and make sure everything is in sync.


The Ability to Adapt

ability to adapt home renovation

Consider annual holidays with you interior home renovation. Will your space adapt to different special occasions? Holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween are coming up, and it’s a great time to plan for decor!


Examples include the living room being large enough to accommodate a big tree during Christmas. The dining area should be wide enough to hold your family dinner during Thanksgiving. The shelf space is enough to display dripping candles and stairs wide enough to hang webs and spiders by their sides during Halloween.

Your interior design should be able to complement and adapt to the different festivities and decorations.


Find Inspiration

find inspiration home interior renovation

Get inspired! Create a mood boards as you start your process. Go on Pinterest , scroll down through the thousands of design ideas and house structures, and you’ll likely find something that caters precisely to your needs.


Choosing the Right Starting Point

starting point interior home renovation

When homeowners are faced with the process of renovating their houses, they’ll often wonder where to start.

According to interior designer Emily Henderson, kitchens and bathrooms are usually good places to tackle first. “They’re both vital to how the house functions,” says by Lauren Behfarin .



Home renovation is a fun process, but it’s not a piece of cake. You can’t do everything on your own, and that’s where Troico comes in. We are a multi-talented and efficient service provider has your back and will assist you throughout the renovation process.


Ring in and book an appointment with Troico and design the house of your dreams!