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Ideas for Designing a Smaller Bathroom

November 30, 2021

Have you ever heard someone say, “I’ll design and decorate my space once I get a more spacious bathroom”?

We believe that you can start designing with the space you have.

It’s no lie: bathroom design is the most neglected aesthetic spaces of our houses. The design ideas below are for all those with small bathrooms.

Keep reading to find out how you can decorate your bathroom, especially with Christmas and New Years right around the corner!


Always Choose Glass

You can never go wrong with glass. Glass will give your bathroom the illusion of more space. It gives that minimal, sleek, and chic aesthetic when you choose glass tiles for your wall.


Defining Zones is Crucial!

defining zones bathroom design

By defining zones in your bathroom, you’ll make a small space look more generous.

For example, using a back backdrop for your sink while the toilet seat area should accompany a different wallpaper that makes both areas look different, creates a sense of distance between those zones.


Think Outside the Box

Design your bathroom with innovative ideas allow you to think outside the box, even with small spaces.

For example, enjoy a full mirror view by choosing a slimline sink while locating the tap at the side of the sink. This will create more space for you to do routines, such skincare, with more ease and space.


Freestanding Pieces

One of the best ways to design and utilize a small bathroom area is with the help of freestanding pieces.

Multi-tiered stands allow you to store shampoos, loofahs, and other shower essentials in an easily accessible way.


Use Different Shapes

Use multiple shapes in your bathroom to give an illusion of more space!

For example, use hexagonal-shaped mirrors above your sink while using different curvy shapes of the sink to give your bathroom an exciting and eye-catching look without making it look overwhelming.


Add a Classy Shower Design

classy shower design bathroom design

Ditch traditional shower designs! You can do this by installing tiles with bold lighting. The recent trend of fish scale tiles can also be adapted.


Manage the Floor Space

Bathrooms and patterns go hand in hand. Don’t hold back using quirky and stylish floor patterns that elevate the glamour of your bathroom.

You can complement the design on the floor by using the same pattern somewhere else within the bathroom area like in your shower. This will make your small bathroom look more in harmony.


Incorporate Plants!

incorporate plants bahroom design

When you don’t know how to design your bathroom space, add some colourful plants. One pot is enough. Place it beside your window from where the natural light comes in. This will help to give your bathroom a more energetic vibe.


Accent Walls

Accent walls are suitable for so many reasons, especially when dealing with limited bathroom space. Choose a different shade for a particular portion of your bathroom.


Use a Floating Vanity

This design idea fits both as trendy, modern, and different. The main advantage of opting for a floating vanity is how much less space it takes, and yet it extremely noticeable.


Festival Based Decor

Christmas is approaching! Splurge your bathroom space with little pine trees and other fun props. To fully bask in the spirit of Christmas, you can even put on a fun wallpaper!


Wooden Textures Change the Game

wooden textures batthroom design

Wood-based decor is classic. This will allow your bathroom to emit warmth and radiance. Wooden design ideas include a bamboo mirror, wooden sink stand, and even a bamboo tooth and hairbrush.


Dark Colours Are the Way to Go!

dark colours bathroom design

Darker paint shades give rise to the feeling of ambiance. Darker shades also look modern and sophisticated.


Skylight Means Business!

This is a genius design idea for limited bathroom space. If possible, add a skylight that will fill your bathroom with the much-needed natural light while allowing you to maintain your privacy.



Small bathrooms have so many design and decor possibilities! Redesigning your bathroom is not an easy task, but Troico has your back. Book an appointment to work with Troico , and let us help you design the bathroom of your dreams.