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Interior Design Trends for 2022

January 15, 2022

Can you believe that 2022 is here?! We’ve compiled a list of the hottest interior design trends this 2022. Keep reading to learn more!


Nature-Inspired Design

The pandemic made us realize many things, one of them being how we take nature for granted. Homeowners want to bring nature within their homes.

Use as many natural materials as you can. Go go for indoor garden areas, organic elegance, and choosing brown tones. Other examples include unlacquered brass, a variety of indoor plants, and natural grass cloth.

Bringing in natural plants enhances wellness and purifies the air. Besides being a great link to nature, natural wood adds sophistication and comfort.

With the nature-inspired theme, your home will look bright, minimal, warm with the help of natural wood, vintage, and rustic.


Using Sustainable Building Materials

Using Sustainable Building Materials

Sustainability in interior design is a trend is here to stay. When discussing sustainability in interior design, use materials and products that will have minimal effect on the environment, as well as promotes health and wellbeing.

The benefits don’t end here. Sustainability leads to lower maintenance costs, a cut in spending on utilities, and has a higher return on investment.

You can integrate more sustainability within your home by using eco-friendly materials to construct your home. Use low maintenance flooring, such as Concrete, Luxury Vinyl Tile, Laminate, and Ceramic Tile.

Another way of promoting sustainability is by using dough-resistant landscaping and repurposed natural wood.


Work from Home (WFH) Office Spaces

For those who work from home, home offices are a necessity!

Using dark colours to paint the room may drain your energy. Using natural, neutral tones for home offices promote feelings of being calm, open, and provide the best light for those online meetings.

Choose a room with a large window, allowing the air to hit the room during a warm summer morning. Sitting in your office all day long can be boring, so if you are situated in a room that offers a glimpse of nature.

Ambient Lighting is important. Ask your interior designer to choose spaces that complement everything within the room. When planning everything out with your interior designer, make sure you communicate the aesthetics, functionality, and practicality you are aiming for.


Black Accents to your Room

Black accents in your space add allure. Black is sophisticated, yet bold. Using black accents alongside black furniture help make the room look minimal, with a twist.

A room filled with white furniture, walls, and painting can be lifted with the help of black accents. You can use a black backdrop for white walls, adding contemporary glamor to the room.

Black can also be used for flooring. With black carpeted flooring, black accent pieces look grand. If you want to do something rogue, go for a black accent wall.


Modern-Day, Eclectic Kitchen Design

Modern Day Eclectic Kitchen Design

The kitchen is one of the most used spaces in your home. All-white kitchens are a no-go for 2022, with vibrant, warm, and moody tones ushering in.

If you are in the process of renovating or building a new kitchen, try steering clear of white, and choose bold cabinet colours or using stones for your countertops.

Furniture and other living material components are expected to be used in the kitchen in 2022. This kitchen design focuses on the perfect combination of patterns, materials, and colours.



Revamping your place in line with new trends can be a hectic and heady process. That’s where we come in! Troico has your back.

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