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Kitchen Cabinet 101: Learn 6 Common Cabinet Key Terms with Troico

April 12, 2021

Has the idea of wanting to freshen up your home ever crossed your mind since the start of the new year? Perhaps it sparked even earlier when we all started working from home since the pandemic season.

Switching to a new view or planning for a seasonal refresh can add a unique and personalized boost to your everyday life. Before you plan for an exciting renovation project, you will need to understand the types of kitchen cabinets commonly existing in the market. Hence, we will review six important basic kitchen cabinet key terms you will find most discussed while working through a project.


Finding Your Budget Fit Through Different Cabinet Types

There is a wide variety of cabinetry. You might be looking at already-made cabinets in stock, custom-made cabinets or a slight mix of both. Whether you have your eyes set on either one of these options, they stand out uniquely depending on your needs and budget.


Pre-Assembled Kitchen Cabinets

Common-sized stock cabinets are usually pre-built in set styles at a lower price point. As one of the quickest and easiest ways to freshen up a kitchen, these cabinets add a familiar touch with their door styles and colours. A stock brand such as IKEA, Kraftmaid, American Woodmark will offer speedy delivery for their simple yet valued cabinet selections for your renovation projects.


Custom-Designed Kitchen Cabinets

Custom-built cabinets such as modern European boxes and beautiful face-framed cabinets are often wonderful choices if you are looking to add a more personal touch to your home kitchen. Though they are usually more expensive, a knowledgeable crew with experienced production teams and designers can spice up your kitchen design. They can turn some of the most complex ideas and visions into reality regardless of the sizes, colourings, positioning, door types, wood types finishing options, or materials used when constructing your dream custom kitchen cabinets. At Troico, our team provides everything from cabinet design, to manufacturing, to installation with integrity and quality, so it is most convenient for our customers to build the cabinet of their dreams.


Semi-Custom Kitchen Cabinets

If you can’t decide on whether you want a common style or build something unique, then you might want to start picking out great features you like about a common style and remodelling parts that aren’t a great fit for your semi-custom kitchen cabinet project. This design option brings a more personable look to the home where it offers more styles and flexibility than any pre-assembled kitchen cabinets in the market, but also way less expensive than pure custom cabinets from scratch.


General Placement of Cabinets


Tall (Pantry) Cabinets

Tall Cabinets are also commonly referred to as pantry or utility cabinets. They are practically the tallest among all cabinets, ranging from 84 to 96 inches in height. Pantry cabinets are designed specifically to store food or essential items and keep dishes and cutlery neatly organized in the kitchen area.


Base (Lower) Cabinets

A lower cabinet is designed to rest under a kitchen countertop, and they are sometimes called base cabinets. With a typical depth of 24 inches, these units form a solid storage foundation for heavier countertops where it plays a superior role in defining the outlook of a kitchen or bathroom.


Wall (Upper Cabinets)

As opposed to the base cabinets, upper cabinets are seated above the countertops where they are usually mounted to the wall in parallel to your eye level. While the structures of all cabinets (panelled doors, box frames, hanging rail) are similar, you will rarely find drawers on wall cabinets. It is also a smart idea to incorporate subtle light sources underneath these cabinets to ensure your working space is bright throughout the day.


Troico’s Specialization

With many years of home renovation experience, Troico is one of very few companies in Greater Vancouver that build Modern European boxes and beautiful Face Frame cabinets in-house right at our Coquitlam shop. We are known as Vancouver’s premier cabinetry manufacturer who builds award-winning kitchens, bathrooms and total home renovations. Regardless of the option, you need to determine the correct measurements of the type of cabinets you decide to incorporate within your renovation plan.


Want to consult with the Troico team before you plan your renovation projects? Contact us today for more information!