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Timeless Kitchen Cabinets That Will Never Go Out of Style

March 15, 2022

When renovating your home, one of the most critical areas to consider is the kitchen. Whether it’s changing up the tables, tiles, or cabinets, updating your kitchen look always makes an impression.

Choosing the perfect cabinets that complement your kitchen and house is challenging – there are endless options. If you’re unsure about the style you want, or if you want something timeless that won’t go out of style with new trends, then check these cabinet styles out!

Here is a list of kitchen cabinet designs for all seasons that’ll work forever. These picks were made by expert interior designers and are guaranteed to never go out of style!


Never Going out of Style: The Shaker Cabinets


One of the most classic kitchen cabinet styles: the shaker cabinet. Characterized by a traditional, flat surface with a center panel and sharp edges, shaker cabinets are clean and sophisticated.

The shaker cabinets come with several advantages, but the most prominent (and most useful) one is that they’re easier to clean. They have a simple design that isn’t high maintenance unlike other cabinets that usually have debris and grease hidden in random corners.

Shaker cabinets aren’t heavy on the wallet either. They are budget-friendly, and they don’t need frequent replacements due to their ageless appearance.

If you want to go for a minimalist, modest, and practical look, shaker cabinets are the one for you.


Clean and Fresh White Cabinets


Using white furniture in your kitchen will make the area look more spacious. Who doesn’t want that?

Install straight, trimmed, and rectangular white cabinets to give your kitchen a modern look that is both pleasing to the eye and timeless.

White kitchen cabinets are sort of like an empty canvas. They go with everything and anything, which can include a variety of backsplashes, countertops, and other kitchen appliances. If your kitchen is situated in an area that isn’t blessed with natural light, white kitchen cabinets will make the space appear more natural and brighter.

We suggest that you install a battery board island alongside the white cabinets if you’re going for a farmhouse aesthetic!


Mullioned Glass Cabinets – The Most Popular One Cabinets!

MullionedGlassCabinets TheMostPopularOneCabinets

Glass-front cabinet designs will always be trendy. Glass cabinets reflect light, and just like the white cabinets, they have a way of filling up a space with abundant sunshine.

If you have a window in your kitchen, install the glass cabinets near the windows to maximize the lighting in your kitchen.

Mullioned glass cabinets are a perfect way for displaying all that sophisticated and eye-catching crockery. Choose a thick cabinet frame. This way, you can hide all the kitchenware that you don’t want to show and display the beautiful crockery up-front.

The main advantage of Glass kitchen cabinets is that they allow for diversity. Based on the items you choose to display through the glass, you can switch it up as time passes without having to replace the cabinets themselves. Change their look with each passing season and occasion, choosing a different style for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween, and other holidays!


Ditching the Norm, Choose Handleless Cabinets


If you love the modern look, then handleless cabinets are perfect for you.

These cabinets come without the traditional hardware. So how do you open the cabinets? Such cabinets are accompanied by unique grooves, called channels, that will allow you to use the cabinets pretty easily.

Handleless cabinets come in different types, including “true handleless”, Moulded Finger Pulls, J-pull systems, specialized handleless cabinets with push-to-open options, and many more.

Believe it or not, handleless cabinets create space for you. Since there isn’t any overhanging cabinetry, such cabinets will go perfectly with an open-plan kitchen. There are plenty of colours and design options that you can opt for.

Handleless cabinets look sleek, sophisticated, and are convenient. There’s no worry about your shirt snagging with the cabinet handles. If you want your kitchen to have a clean, modern look, then handleless cabinets are the way to go.


Trending: Monochromatic Cabinets


You can never go wrong with monochromatic cabinets. They are simple, neutral, and go with everything. Monochromatic kitchens come with a timeless look that never goes out of style.

If you are going for something neutral, just pair the monochromatic cabinets with some shades of cream and beige to make everything look classy. But if you want to step out of your comfort zone and add some flair to your kitchen’s look, monochromatic cabinets in black are a perfect choice.

Striking dark-grey or black cabinets will satisfy the needs of many house owners out there looking for a dramatic change. Monochromatic cabinets have always been known to make things look bigger, glossier, and imposing. After all, no one wants a dull kitchen space!


Think Outside the Box by Opting for Classy Mid-century Inspired Cabinets

ThinkOutsidetheBoxbyOptingforClassyMid centuryInspiredCabinets

Inspired from the 1940s, mid-century-inspired cabinets proved to be timeless. Mid-century cabinets will usually involve various characteristics that include the use of wood, varying bold colours, graphic patterns, and an overall understated design.

Mid-century cabinets won’t have any ornamentation on them. Besides that, the cabinets tend to be paired with satin nickel pulls and flat front panels.

Whether it’s the cabinets or the overall kitchen aesthetic, people can’t seem to get enough of the classy mid-century-inspired designs. You can’t go wrong by adding them to your kitchen if you want an ageless design.


The Most Convenient Cabinets: Drawer Cabinets


Drawer cabinets are the easiest to use. Maybe it’s time you ditch the traditional shelving and go for these bad boys. When talking about drawer cabinets, you’ll never experience the storage problem. Moreover, when installing drawer cabinets, they really let you maximize your use of cubic space.

Traditional shelving has a serious limitation when it comes to storing crockery of different shapes and sizes. drawer cabinets are more useful in storing irregular crockery. If you have some quirky items that you want to be stored well and safely, drawer cabinets are the way to go!


Vintage Cabinets with a Hint of Tradition


Nobody says no to a good old vintage cabinet. Such cabinets have a different vibe attached to them, and they are appealing to the eye. They add a mystique to your interior design that the other options simply wouldn’t be able to offer. Finding a good, vintage piece can be tough, but when you finally find the one for you, it’ll all be worth it.

If you’re going for a Victorian-themed kitchen, Vintage Cabinets will be a solid choice for your kitchen.



This stream of never-ending choices for cabinets can confuse anyone! If you need help with selecting or installing kitchen cabinets, Troico has your back through every single step!

We can help you make your dream kitchen come to life. Contact us, and let’s get started!