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Window and Door Ideas for Home Remodeling

February 13, 2022

Doors and windows are the centrepieces of a home. They’re the first things that people notice when they pull up to your driveway, and they can make or break a first impression for your guests. Creative windows and doors are real head turners.

If you’re looking to upgrade your home and perfect your unique look, windows and doors are the best way to start the renovation. They’ll take your home’s look to the next level.


Starting Small

When people talk about renovating their home, they usually imagine a significant makeover. But this isn’t always the case. Uplifting your home can be done through making minor tweaks, starting with your windows and doors. They require less effort to fix and they make huge impressions with even the smallest changes. However, you will need a professional to help you install and remodel your windows and doors (that’s where we come in!).


Door Remodeling Ideas

Door Remodeling Ideas

The first thing a guest sees when they get to your house is probably the door. So, your front door is super important and if done right, you’ll get plenty of compliments the next time your friends come by. Let’s explore some ideas for remodelling your doors!


#01 Main Entrance: The First Impression

main entrance first impression

The main entrance to the home makes all the difference, and there are a number of ways to switch it up. Statement doors include a giant wooden door, a sliding door, and for the modern design fans out there, try a glass door.


#02 Increase Height

The best and simplest way to remodel your doors is to increase their height. Usually, doors are higher than half the elevation of the room. An increase in the size of a door makes a huge difference – it’s much more visually impressive. And, from a health perspective, high doors increase the flow of fresh air and light.


#03 Sliding Doors

Sliding doors

Sliding doors are the best solution to save space and offer a more open look to the space you already have. In fact, because more and more land is being used for commercial purposes instead of residences, a lot of homes have less space now. Homeowners have adapted to live in those small spaces, making the sliding door a popular and trendy option.


Windows Remodeling Ideas

Windows are more than just holes in the wall that let air in and out; they tie the house together. They’re an effective design element and offer so much, especially when you illuminate the rooms from the inside to highlight your windows.

If you’re happy with your door but still want a makeover, try complementing your design with some window remodelling! Here are some ideas.


#01 Unique Window Types

Unique Window Types

There are several types of windows, and you can choose based on their functionality, style, and design.

The different kinds of windows include single-hung, double-hung sliding, and cottage windows.


#02 Floor-Ceiling Window

The latest trend for windows is to expand them: make them big. Large windows have become standard in open spaces like living rooms and staircases.


Floor-ceiling windows are a great feature in any home. They sort of frame your view like a painting and offer a fantastic look to the outdoors. Install a floor-ceiling window in any room, and we bet that will be your (and maybe even your guests’) favourite room.


#03 Installing a Window in the Bathroom

Installing a Window in the Bathroom

Here’s an unconventional but very interesting idea. If you aren’t happy with the look of your washroom, try changing up the windows! Sounds weird at first, but hear us out.


Washroom windows are generally small and higher than they need to be to ensure privacy and natural light. But if you’re willing to try, open it up! Get a bigger window for better lighting, more air, and a great view. If you’re worried about security but still want the look, add opaque or blurred glass to ensure privacy.

Installing a window in the washroom lifts the mood. The bathroom will look more spacious, airy, and brighter.


#04 Installing a Window in Kitchen

Installing Window in Kitchen

For a lot of homeowners and families, the kitchen is the favourite room of the house. It’s where the family spends their time together, it’s where they share meals and chat. You’ll never find an empty kitchen.

Unfortunately, kitchens are often notorious for weird smells and humid air. How do you plan on fixing that? Simple. Install or remodel the windows!

But where exactly should you install a window in the kitchen? We suggest the wall backsplash near the sink. Not only do you get more light, more air, and a nice view while cooking, installing a window there can help avoid water damage to the concrete and tile in the backsplash.

Now, when you’re cutting up vegetables or just washing the dishes after dinner, you’ll feel a lot better looking at the greenery outside and taking in some fresh air.


Hire Professional Help

Hire Professional Help

The door and window remodeling ideas we mentioned are easy and exciting to plan and budget, but they’re harder to implement. Doing it by yourself isn’t impossible, but it’s risky and dangerous, especially for beginners. For most people, you’ll require professional help for this.

Window and door remodeling includes breaking down and constructing new pieces altogether. Even if you succeed, you’ll have a big mess on your hands. Hiring a contractor keeps the clutter and noise at a minimum, and they’ll also get the work done quickly.

Also, when you hire professionals, they’ll tell you the exact amount you’ll be charged. If you have no prior training in woodwork or construction, you could end up going over your budget by a lot due to unforeseen issues and problems.


The Take-Home Point

Windows and doors are amazing places to start for renovations and remodelling. If you want to renovate, design, and upgrade your home, Troico is your best solution!

Troico has an award-winning portfolio for designing the best houses. We specialize in custom designs based on taste and budget. Give your home a new look by remodeling your doors and windows. Contact Us Now!


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